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Traveling with Your Dog? Here are some tips to follow —

Check out this guest post offered by Nick, who runs the website OurBestDoggo.com. It’s all about traveling with your dog, and how to make the very best out of a canine road trip!

How to Save Money and Reduce Stress When Traveling with Your Dog

Looking to do some traveling with your furry family member? You are definitely not alone with this travel goal. The majority of pet parents these days are including their dogs in road trip and travel plans.

You can do so as well, and you can avoid any pet- or travel-related stress with some handy tips and planning. Best of all, you can also save yourself some money with these simple dog-friendly travel steps!

Pack Budget-Friendly Pup Essentials in Your Suitcase

If you want to leave your cares behind when traveling with your dog, you need to make sure you bring the right pet gear.

If your travel budget is a bit tight, you can shop online with retailers like Amazon for your dog’s travel gear. In addition to fast shipping and deep discounts, you can also find even more savings on trip essentials by using Amazon discount codes. And while Amazon discount codes aren’t always available, you can also take advantage of cash back deals with Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates).

So, make a list of any gear that will make traveling with your dog easier. And then check out Amazon’s selection to snag those supplies well under budget — whether you need travel bowls for food and water or a travel-friendly pet carrier.

One item every road-tripping pet parent should have on their shopping list is a dog seat belt. Just like your own seat belt, it can help keep your dog safe in the event of an accident. In addition, it can keep an energetic pup from bouncing around the car and distracting the driver.

Plan Fun and Free Activities to Burn Off Excess Energy

Being stuck in a car or hotel room for hours is enough to leave your dog anxious and full of energy. That’s especially true if you are bringing your border collie along, since these dogs tend to be naturally high energy. But may not be as necessary for older dogs or more laid back breeds, like English Bulldogs.

Picking up a safety harness and keeping your pup buckled in will keep that energy under control on the road. But you should plan for some playtime to burn it off too. One of the best ways to wear out your anxious pet is to visit off-leash dog parks as you travel and when you reach your final destination.

Depending on where you’re headed, you may be able to find a park with nature trails, agility courses or even a beach. Make sure your dog is up to date with vaccines and training before you go, to prevent issues from spoiling your fun.

And if your dog isn’t very social, you can also pick up a running leash to stay active together. These come in handy for running and hiking, but you can also use them to stay in control of your dog while you lug those heavy suitcases into your hotel. 

Pick Travel Stops and Destinations that Are Dog-Friendly 

Making sure your destination has a dog park can make traveling more fun for your pet. Although, if you really want to experience the world together, you should plan your trip around super pet-friendly destinations to begin with.

Some of the most stunning places in the world are also locations you can easily visit with your dog. From California to Florida, there are endless sites and cities you can see with your dog by your side. And most of the cities even offer dog-friendly dining and accommodations.

Additionally, if you’re really feeling adventurous, there are also some amazing international stops on the list. While you can drive to canine-friendly locations in Canada, for most other international destinations, you may need to fly with your dog. So make sure you know how to do so safely. And keep in mind, some airlines will not allow brachycephalic breeds on board, due to severe safety risks affecting their breathing.  

Wrap-up:  Tips for Traveling with Your Dog 

Let’s face it — traveling with your dog is so much more fun than going it alone. Plus you don’t have to worry about putting them in a kennel or boarding facility when they’re with you.

So be sure to look for budget-friendly ways to include your canine companion on your next vacation. With a plan and a little research, it’s easy to keep your dog, your wallet, and yourself happy on the road. 

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