Reviews for Buying the Best English Bulldog Harness

Got Bulldogs?

Whether you just brought a new English Bulldog puppy into your life, or adopted from a bullie rescue — You need to learn about harnesses.

Finding a correctly fitted bulldog harness can be a challenge. English bulldogs are a unique breed, for so many reasons. One of which is their short and condensed stature. This can lead to frustration and difficulty in finding the best fitting harness for bulldogs.

Brachycephalic breeds like English and French bulldogs have smushed faces and their famous underbite. But they also have broad shoulders, deep chests, and stocky frames.

Because of these physical characteristics, bullies are difficult to fit for harnesses.

You may wonder why a pet owner would buy a harness, instead of just a regular collar. Many dogs can successfully wear collars made from leather, nylon, or even sometimes chrome.

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Why Collars Don’t Work for Bulldogs

First of all, I am not a huge fan of metal choke collars for any type of dog or puppy. Some pet owners and trainers do very well with them. However, I would never recommend using a choke collar on a bulldog, or any brachycephalic breed.

Due to their “short-nosed” physical features, bulldogs often have a harder time breathing than other breeds do. Their tracheas are typically more narrow than other types of dogs. Also, while their esophagus is essentially the same length as other breeds, they are more compressed in a bulldog. Their short muzzles cause their airways to collapse a bit, sort of like an accordion.

This feature affects the bulldog’s ability to breathe freely. Which can be exacerbated by strenuous activity, warm weather, and even obesity.

So if the bulldog already has a hard time breathing, why would anyone want to restrict their airway any further?

Even a regular dog collar, like a leather or nylon version, has the potential to restrict a bulldog’s ability to breathe. Any possibility of a bulldog pulling against a collar can be harmful.

Why even take that kind of risk by putting a collar on your bullie?



How Collars Can Affect Bulldog Safety

In addition, stubborn bulldogs who pull in the opposite direction can have their share of collar issues as well. If you’re pulling forward, and your bullie is resisting, he may pull his head entirely out of the collar.

Since bulldogs tend to have thicker necks, their collars can tend to be roughly the same circumference as their heads. As opposed to other dog breeds, who have slimmer necks in proportion to their heads.

So using a regular collar may not only pose a threat to your bulldog’s health, but also to their safety.

Especially when it comes to younger pups, who tend to be unpredictable and may have less training. Puppies can pull right out of the head collar, and possibly run into harm’s way.

Ask me how I know this —

I have a vivid recollection of when my first bulldog was a puppy. She backed right out of here leather collar when I was taking her outside for a walk. And she started running around the parking lot where I lived, as I desperately chased her. Luckily, two of my neighbors helped me catch her, and I brought her safely back inside.

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Why Using a Harness is the Best Option for an English Bulldog

Which leads us to the recommended accessory — the bulldog harness.

A proper harness will lay across an English Bulldog’s chest, providing support to both the bullie and to her owner. When the bullie pulls against the harness, it doesn’t constrict her airway or damage her windpipe. Instead, the force is spread evenly over her broad chest.

There are many training harnesses available to assist with bulldog puppy training or any active dog who has a propensity for jumping. No pull harnesses help support training activities and defer your bullie from pulling away from you.

If you have a bulldog, then you know how stubborn they can be. At times, they will plant their paws squarely into the ground, refusing to budge. But with a properly fitted no pull harness, you can help  your bulldog to walk confidently by your side.

Here are the best English Bulldog harnesses that I’ve tried over the years, and my opinions on each of them.

These are reviews based on my experience as a bulldog owner, over the past two decades. The links below also will bring you to the Amazon product page for each dog harness.

Reviews of Best Bulldog Harnesses – A Buyer’s Guide

Below are reviews for the best harnesses that I’ve used in the past for my bulldogs. To be clear, these are from my experiences, as well as reviews that these harnesses have received online through Amazon. However, I have not tried every single English Bulldog harness in existence. So therefore, please keep in mind there might be other great ones out there.

But from my own personal experience, here are some of the best harnesses I have used with my bulldogs, and gladly recommend to others. And, it goes without saying, please do your own homework. If your bulldog has special needs or different proportions from the norm, be sure to choose the harness that is best for your particular situation.


English Bulldog Puppy Harness Requirements

First I’d like to start out with harnesses for bulldog puppies. Personally, I think this can be the crucial timeframe for finding the right harness for your bulldog. Because when you have a puppy, you’re starting from scratch — no training has yet occurred.  Which means if the harness is ill-fitting or uncomfortable, your bullie may wrangle his or her way out of it without a moment’s notice.

Also, getting your English Bulldog accustomed to wearing a harness when they are young is always a good idea. Otherwise, you may encounter a struggle when they are older.

My male bulldog has always been great about wearing his harness and walking on leash. That’s because when he was a puppy we lived in a condo, so didn’t have a fenced-in yard. Any time we left the house, he needed to be fully equipped and harnessed.

Putting a Harness on a Fussy Dog

On the other hand, our younger girl is not as comfortable with wearing her harness. By the time we brought her home, we were living in a house with a fenced-in yard. So she grew up being leash- and harness-free the majority of the time.

We would only put a harness on her when going to the vet, training, or any other outing. And putting a harness (or any accessory/clothing item) on her is now a struggle. She eventually concedes, but not as quickly or amiably as my bullie boy. (But she is also a lot sassier than he is, in general.)


The Sassy Girl:

Layla - Sassy Girl - Troublemaker - Bulldog Harness
Sassy Girl Layla


8.  Puppia Rite-Fit Adjustable Harness


This was one of the first harnesses I ever purchased for my bulldog puppies. As you can see below, she found this Puppia dog harness to be quite comfortable.

Bully Breeds - Harnesses for Bulldogs Pros:

  • Adjustable neck and chest
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Two D-rings for leash attachment options
  • Quick-release side buckles, which also make it easier for putting on
  • Light, breathable mesh material


  • Mesh is not as restrictive as other materials might be; so if you have a puller, this might not last as long
  • Although this Puppia dog harness is available in larger sizes, I generally only recommend for puppies, since larger bullies may give this one a run for its money!
  • But the BIGGEST thing I would consider as a con for this particular harness is that it tends to run small. Again, that’s a huge reason why I recommend for puppies only. Because they will grow out of this so quickly. So please keep that in mind if you are considering this one, you will DEFINITELY want to size up.

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • Since baby bulldogs are essentially roly-polies with wrinkles, having an adjustable harness is a requirement
  • It’s made of mesh material and conforms to their bullie bodies until they’ve outgrown it

Overall Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Bones     



7.  Comfort Fit Metric USA harness vest with padded interior/exterior cushioning 


This is another harness that I’ve used for a bulldog puppy. I like the concept because of the cushioning, but also because of the full chest coverage.

Even though English Bulldog puppies haven’t yet developed into their broader adult chests, they are still a bit stockier than other types of puppies. This cushioned harness distributes the force of a bulldog puppy who is pulling against it.

Instead of some other dog harnesses that may have a single strip of fabric across the chest, this one feels a bit more supportive and even safer.


  • Adjustable band on the back, with two D-rings for better security
  • Cushioning inside and out
  • Broader chest coverage
  • Step-in attachment, with quick-release back buckle
  • Multiple color options
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Sizing is small, therefore I can only recommend as a harness for English Bulldog puppies
  • Specifications state not for use in dogs over 25lbs

Bully Breeds - Harnesses for Bulldogs

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • Full chest coverage, paired with comfortable padding, is a great introduction to harness training for stubborn little bullies

Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 Bones     



6.  Authentic Puppia Flame Harness


Here is a fun Puppia harness for a bulldog tween — that awkward stage between puppyhood and adulthood.

Chest and shoulders are beginning to broaden, however he still has a little puppy head. They say an English Bulldog takes two years to become fully grown.

The first year they grow up (height), and the second year they grow out (width).

And their head is not fully developed until that two year mark. Which is something I’ve definitely seen with my bullies.

Gus wearing red flame harness for bulldogs Pros:

  • A soft dog harness for the teenager with an attitude
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • Available in larger sizes, and multiple colors


  • Mesh isn’t as sturdy or supportive as other materials
  • Neck area is not adjustable

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • I included this Puppia harness because it’s a great option for that “in between” phase of puppyhood. You have the comfort of a mesh harness, in larger sizing. Plus the price is reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on something that won’t be worn for very long. At this stage, the bullie’s body is growing at a rate where an expensive dog harness won’t be practical.

Overall Rating:  3 out of 5 Bones   



5.  Blueberry Pet Step-in Harness 3M Reflective




  • Step-in attachment, with easy click and release
  • Double D-ring leash attachment for more security
  • Adjustable neck and back straps, with comfort padding
  • 3M Reflective design
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • Watch out for pups that pull backwards, they may back right out of this harness

Bully Breeds - Gus and Layla inverted with their harnesses on for Bulldogs


Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • I really do like this harness for bulldogs, because of it’s fit, the ease of attachment, and the support when attached to a leash. That being said, I also did have an escape artist who backed right out of this one as a puppy. So a word of caution, if you have a sassy little pup who likes to pull backwards. Otherwise, if the only issue is pulling forward, then this may be a good option for your bulldog.

Overall Rating:  3 out of 5 Bones     






  • Designed specifically for English and French Bulldog sizes
  • Easy grab handle, for quick restraint
  • Larger sizing, for grown bulldogs
  • Reversible top panel, to invert & use as your bullie gets bigger
  • Four quick-release fasteners
  • Reflective, thinner straps


  • Minimal fabric (due to bulldogs having their own padding) — if you have a younger and/or feistier bulldog, you may want a harness with more coverage. Although the listing does say it is escape proof.

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • Although I have not tried this dog harness personally, I love how it was designed by an actual bulldog owner to meet the needs of this unique breed. It’s so hard to find proper sizing for bullies, and having a brand that specifically caters to that is always a win in my book.  I plan to actually try this one out, and will post an update to this review at that point.

Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 Bones    



3.  Kong Dog Harness with Handle  and Quick Control Kong Rope Leash


   Snoopy - wearing her Kong Dog Harness Quick Control Kong Rope Leash

The picture above is a similar Kong dog harness, without the padded chest plate.


  • A grab handle on both the Kong dog harness and the Kong rope leash, so you are in complete control if your bullie needs to be restrained
  • Padded chest plate to increase comfort when pulling or being restrained
  • Fully adjustable straps for chest, neck, and back
  • Kong is a reputable brand, known for its strong and durable dog products. And while no dog product is totally indestructible, a reliable company who stands behind their products with a warranty is a true testament to their dedication and accountability.


  • With all of the separate adjustable straps (which is a GOOD thing), make sure you have each one adjusted properly. As you can see in my photo above, the neck strap is a bit loose. Luckily, my 11 year old bulldog wasn’t really a runner at that stage in her life. She technically didn’t need a leash or harness at all, since she was happy to remain by my side at all times. (#RIPSnoopy)
  • Another note:  As of this date, the price on Amazon is kind of high. Just be aware — I bought my Kong dog harness and rope leash at PetSmart, and did not spend anywhere near 70 bucks for it. It might’ve been more around 30.

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • Adjustability and grab handles make this Kong product a great option for a durable dog harness, whether you have a bulldog puppy, tween, or adult.
  • The back handle was also very useful as my older bullie aged, and she became less mobile. The handle on the Kong dog harness allowed me to support her weight as she walked upstairs.

Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 Bones     



2.  Custom Fit, No Pull, Reflective Vest Harnesses for Your Bully



Here is another dog harness that was specifically created for English Bulldogs and other deep-chested breeds.


  • Breathable fabric, full chest coverage with cushioning
  • Sturdy D rings on both the front  and back, for variation in leash attachment
  • Adjustable neck and back strap
  • Easy-grab back handle for restraint


  • Sizes appear to run small — the XL shows a chest girth of only 27-32 inches, which would probably fit my smaller, 45lb bullie. Be sure to consult the sizing chart for specific measurements.

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • Similar theme:  adjustable straps, comfort padding for the chest, and easy-grab handles. Also, the price is a bit lower than some of the others.

Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 Bones    



1.  Freedom No-Pull Harness & Leash



The Freedom No-Pull Harness is the only harness I purchase nowadays. Not that I wouldn’t be open to trying another kind — but this dog harness is top notch in my book. I stumbled upon the Freedom No-Pull Harness several years ago while scrolling through Amazon. I was searching for a new harness for my boy who was starting to exhibit behavioral issues.

We’d found a trainer to begin working on his fear reactivity, and she suggested I get a harness with a martingale loop. This is different from a martingale collar, which provides a gentle pull at the neck. As we already have acknowledged, any sort of pulling on the neck is bad news for bulldogs.

However, having a martingale loop on the back of a dog harness is a useful way to redirect your dog while training. It provides a gentle tug, to divert your dog and lead them in an alternative direction.

Action photo - harnesses for bulldogs

As you might be able to tell, the above photo caught an inaction moment.

I like to call it “When Two Bulldogs Collide“. It was the winter just before we had our fence installed.


  • Martingale loop on back assists in training by providing gentle tightening to discourage pulling
  • Dual leash attachment to front and back of harness helps redirect movement to steer your dog
  • Adjustable neck, chest, and back straps for proper sizing
  • The company offers a chew warranty for up to two straps
  • Quick release side clips


  • There is a learning curve to using this harness and leash. The concepts of using a dual leash and martingale loop at the top are pretty progressive for your regular pet owner (although widely known in dog training circles.) Unless you are aware of how to properly use these features, or have worked with a trainer who can show you how, it may take a bit of getting used to.

Why this harness is recommended for bulldogs: 

  • I stand by my belief that this is the best harness and leash set for English Bulldogs, or any dog that pulls and/or is in training. I own several of these sets, in various sizes (and colors.) In my personal experience, there is nothing better. And I’ve also received feedback from the various trainers I’ve worked with, who were impressed with the features as well.

Overall Rating:  5 out of 5 Bones     


Summary of English Bulldog Harness Reviews

Hope this has helped to give you some options for English Bulldog harnesses. If you’re in the process of buying dog accessories, and are looking at harnesses for bulldogs, this should give you some great ideas.

Remember, not every harness is built the same way (just like not all bulldogs are the same size!) So be sure to view the specifications for all dog harnesses that you are considering before making a purchase. And take measurements of your bulldog’s neck, chest, and overall girth.

Once you find the harness that’s right for your English Bulldog, you’ll never know how you got along without one. And your bulldog will also be happier.


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